Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Beer goggle conundrum

So , I swapped numbers with a guy on Saturday night, and we've been doing the text flirting thing... we're both off on holiday next week but he's showing signs of wanting to take me on a date when we're both back.

'Great!' you're thinking. 'What's the problem?!'

Well... I'm not going to lie, it went a bit like this: 'I'm wearing beer-goggles, it's getting seriously late and I'm getting seriously desperate, I just want to take somebody home tonight'. We swapped numbers.... after which, a brief snog followed and I was then introduced to his mate. Who above-number-swap-man was driving home that night. To the place they live - an hour away.

Damn! Plan foiled. They dropped me home, and I went back to my apartment - alone.

Not the end of the world, and I quite enjoy the text flirting thing. I should probably add, I'm fairly newly single and rather enjoying it! But my question is this:

Is it wrong to go on a date with this guy, who seems genuinely into me (note: he was driving the night we met, so was not under the influence of beer-goggles whatsoever) even though I know he's not really my type and I'm certainly not looking for anything serious?

I'm thinking it's OK - I mean it's not like I'm committing to having his babies or anything. I just think it will be fun, I always like meeting new people. And hey, if we can both get some kind of mutual benefit from it, everyone will be happy!

What say you, readers?